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Title : International Journal of Politics and Media 
Frequency of publication : Two issues per year
Language of publication : English
Starting year : 2022
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International Journal of Politics and Media is an open access publication from Centre for Advanced Research and Education (CARE). IJPM publishes original articles accepted through a double-blind peer review process. The journal follows the guidelines of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Aim & Scope

IJPM aims to be a quality international journal in the domain of political communication and media discourse. The journal emphasises on the significance of research problems and focuses on process of conducting the research to ensure validity. All articles accepted for publication are copyedited to ensure quality.

Editorial Policy

IJPM follow a double-blind peer-review process. All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by two experts of the subject. The names and information pertaining to authors and reviewers are withheld from each other. Author identifying information should be blinded from the main body of the research article during submissions. Articles accepted for publication undergo a formatting process. The Editors or editorial members may also submit their research articles occasionally but in such a case the review process is managed by alternative members.All parties who have made substantial contribution in a research article should be listed as authors. The order of authorship should depend on relative contribution of authors. If any research article emanates from the thesis or dissertation of a student or doctoral scholar, the student should be considered as Principal Author.

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International Journal of Politics and Media is published by Centre for Advanced Research and Education (CARE) .


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Current IssueVol 2, No 2 (2023): Vol 2, Iss 2, Year 2023

Published December 31, 2023

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